Resale Report: 11.12.16

Jordan Brand

Is the Blue Suede retro 12 one of the most underappreciated ‘limited’ drops of 2016?

That remains to be seen, but ,  with resale prices hovering around just about $50  over retail after a rapid online sellout, it seems like most Jordan buyers are saving up  for the lineup of Holiday  heat dropping in the second half of this month, the first of which drops the very next weekend.

If the ‘Blue Suede’ 12s were a bit of a headscratcher resale-wise, then the ‘Singles Day’ duo of Grade School exclusive 13s offered up a bonanza to quick-flippers……

who, of course, had access to the Asia-only kicks.

The GS exclusive two-pair pack of 13s in ‘Red‘ and (let’s call it) ‘Jade‘ were always going to be limited in the US regardless of how available they were in Asia. Thus their future is likely as an exotic pair shoppers at The Flight Club will pick up at double retail in coming months. As for their quick-flipping action so far, the Red pair is by far the more coveted pair, selling for $300-$330, the Jade pair about $240. 

Frankly, the hoops Jordan Brand puts its faithful through to cop its most desired sneakers boggles the mind at times; it really does grow tiresome. From fairly random hyperstrikes nobody really wants, to constricted releases of grails (followed by inevitable restocks), at some point in the near future, buyers will surely grow tired of being led on these goose chases, no?

We’ll see, but speaking of hyperstrikes, JB had one of those on tap for the 11th as well: the Grey Suede 11s, exclusive to Concepts NYC and Kith Brooklyn.  They’re flipping  for slightly more than double their $400 box price.

In other news, an N7 colorway of the XXXI dropped on the 7th (clever), and is readily available here, as  is the ‘Oreo’ Dub Zero, which dropped on the 9th.


In what is becoming a reliable pattern in the wake of a not-for-everybody Jordan retro,  releases from The Swoosh produced the biggest ‘frenzy’ among buyers during the week ending the 12th.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the Nike Soho flagship, a host of limited, classic styles were slated to drop, some of which – like the John Geiger Lebron Soldier 10s – would be in-store exclusives

Nike got things started early in the week, releasing an Ultra Force 1 as part two of the N7 pack with the aforementioned XXXI.

Unlike the J’s, however, the  Ultra Forces did  sell through at retail, and have essentially been forgotten about since. A couple of sales on ebay (albeit, for $100 over MSRP) shows that limited ‘fringe’ releases are a bit of a dangerous investment for would-be quick-flippers.

On Thursday, the 10th, Nikelab had four styles on deck (two men, two WMNS) with frequent collaborative partner Gyakusou. The $200, high-tech runners can be easily found here (men) and here (women).

Main Event

Friday, November 11th, was the day sneakerheads had circled on their calendars, with  Nike Soho set to open its doors, complete with host of new releases, guest appearances,  as well as number surprise restocks.

This highly-anticipated sneaker gala was stifled with news that the store wouldn’t be opening due to permitting issues. This meant that number of the store exclusives –  like the aforementioned Soldier 10s, and certain AF 1 colorways – would be put on hold.

Nevertheless,  there was still a full slate of heat that did drop on schedule, the biggest of which were the  ‘Patriots’  Ultra Force 1s, plus a  trio of ‘Flax’ Air Force 1s – one Mid, two high-tops for Him and Her.  The highly-coveted ‘Mid’ version was returning after two years, while the  Highs were being reprised after just over one year .

In addition to these, Kith NYC had its own exclusive colorway of the iconic NYC Uptown lows from way back, Flyknit Racer fans were being blessed with another dope colorway, and a ‘Red Velvet’ SB Dunk, ‘Flax’  Air Max 95,  handful of ‘wool’ classics, and kids-only KD 9 were on tap. Whew!


It wouldn’t take a genius to know that the “Flax’ mids would be the main target for the majority of sneakerheads and would-be resellers. the Patriots Ultra Forces would surely be (extremely?) limited, and would find a handful of folks who would cop on the strength of that alone. As for the High Air Forces, the hope was probably that their sales would be spurred by FOMO following the rapid disappearance of the Mids.

Sure enough, the scenario above did play out as described – almost. The Flax Mids sold through instantly, as did the Patriots kicks, but the Flax Highs – both mens and Wmns – did not, and are  available in most sizes here (men) and here (women) .

As for the aftermarket action, the Flax Mids, have quick-flipped for -$220-$240.  The action on the Bob Krafts, however, provide a good example of how the aftermarket for Air Force Ones operates at extremes. Either a shoe is a grail, like the Special Field Af 1s of last week, or it is just ‘regular’.

The Kraft Uptowns have been interpreted as being one of the latter. The sneakers retailed for 150, just 50 less than the SF AF 1s, but apart from lone nut or two willing to pay double box price, they haven’t fetched  much more than about $50-$70 over retail, a figure almost suggesting it is basically not even  worth it to quick-flip them. They should either be returned, or held down for the long haul.

So that was the meat of the action on November 12th.

As for the super-limited releases, the ‘LA’ AF 1 lows set to drop at Nike Soho didn’t release, so the handful of listings for that shoe on ebay came from a few ComplexCon attendees (where the kicks were available), one of whom successfully marketed a few (Nike SB rider) P-Rod autographed pairs for handsome markups.

As for the Kith exclusive NYC  joints, well, they sold out – as a $120 price point and Kith exclusivity surely guaranteed – quick-flipping for  $200 on average via ebay, but in low volume. Is that a sign that the whole NYC thing is something AF 1 buyers are over? Was the quality not up to par, despite what looks like premium tumbled leather on the upper? Were these kicks simply overshadowed by other drops, and thus a steal at their current prices, prices probably destined to rise in the future? The NYC’s were easily the biggest mystery shoe of that weekend.

For the athleisure crowd, another Flyknit Racer was  on deck, in Earth Tones/Blue Tint.

 This silhouette is among a handful of Nike styles with a faithful cult following, which means that,  like Foamposite loyalits, it is a  shoe devotees will buy despite the relatively high MSRP. They’ve  got to have them, because they love them.

Hence it was not a shock that the Earth Tones sold through at Nikestore and  Foot Locker.

But as has often been the case with Racers, their aftermarket performance has always hinged on the degree to which heads are willing to pay $100 or more over retail  for a pair, which almost always has been determined by the colorway. Multicolor, Oreo and Tonal colorways  have always been grails within the Flyknit Racer community,  but everything else has historically been far less appreciated. A representative of the latter,  the Blue Tints / Earth Tones are flipping for just about $50 over retail and less.

Nike SB was also in the mix on the 11th, with a high top style being the latest to don the Red Velvet upper, joining the WMNS Air Max  90s  of last Spring, the Grade School AJ 1s of last week, and the upcoming Retro 11 dropping on December 17th. Despite this premium upgrade in materials – which often times suggests a limited drop – the Red Velvets released for a $110 MSRP,  and are still readily available here.

Nike Basketball’s kiddie-centric duo of ‘Fire & Ice” KD 9s, and the ‘Wet’ Kyrie 2s are sitting here, and here.


For the second week running, adidas was heavily overshadowed by releases from Jordan and Nike.

As it was mentioned in the last post, London boutique, END, saw its  Sahara Pack – NMD Chukka and ZX 700 Boat shoe – get a wider release on the 12th. To date, a handful of the NMD Chukkas have sold for $60-$80 above its 140 retail price – not really worth the effort. As for the boat shoes, well, those are available on ebay for retail for those on the hunt.

 One of The three stripes other collaborative pack seeing its release on the 12th was the Palace Indoor Boosts in White Tricolor and Black & White. 

These simple classics retailed for $130, sold out, and have had a decent life in the aftermarket, peaking at $70-$100 over retail during their hype cycles. For those able to score a few pairs, these were a decent quick-flip. 

The third Adidas collab, however, the Packer NMD was far and away the shoe to grab on the 12th. 

A dual release  ( store exclusive drop followed by a wider drop the following weekend), it seems that there were pairs a plenty on the first weekend for resellers to grab and flip for CRAZY dough, with aftermarket prices hovering close to more than double the $180 box price before settling to about $120 over msrp (~$300) on average over the past week. 

Basically, the Packer NMDs show exactly how dominant the new silhouette (which celebrates its one year birthday next month) has been in 2016, for regular sneakerheads and resellers. 

The energy around the shoes -especially limited editions – can arguably be said at this point to be second only to Yeezys, and fans are showing their support for the above average markups in the aftermarket, a killer combination. This momentum is likely to continue with the Bape NMDs slated for ‘Black Friday’ weekend, on November 26th. While it’s still laughable to suggest that NMDs pose any real challenge to Jordan’s phalanx of retros in terms of sheer numbers, there is simply more excitement behind these and other adidas kicks than the Jumpman’s fare. 

Oh, yeah, another Harden Crazylight  Boost dropped, along with another  Dame Lillard . Interested? Click here and here.

The Others

It’s more or less official that Reebok is the brand with the highest percentage of dope releases that get totally overlooked and forgotten about. I’d wager that one day the handful of folks scoooping up and stocking the numerous lilimited Ventilators and Questions RBK has dropped over the last few years will be able to fetch a pretty penny for them.

Until then, feel free to cop the Hall of Fame x Reebok Question ‘Braid’ here

The latest ‘Grey Matter’ colorway of the Curry 3 can be readily had here…..

Oh yeah…..


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