Resale Report:  11.22-28.16 


According to Sneakernews, a total of 49 sneakers released in the seven day span leading up to and thru black friday/cyber monday.

According to rules of the resale game, only a handful Of those 49 would obviously matter. The rest would be forgotten about, or perhaps mined for hidden resale profits. Let’s see how many of the  nearly 50 black Friday  kicks are ‘doing business’ in the aftermarket.


At what point exactly will it become proper for one to suggest that adidas has – as celebrity collaborator Kanye West suggested – “…jumped over the Jumpman?”
West was of course speaking of the success of his Yeezy brand footwear and apparel  (“…20 G’s for the Yeezays offa Ebay!”) , and the excitement those items were bringing to streetwear just as JB’s growth  strategy  was seeing more retros sitting on store shelves.

As anyone who is even  somewhat knowledgable  of sneakers knows, Yeezy and adidas pale in comparison to Jordan and Nike numbers-wise, but it is undeniable that kicks from the former are must-haves for those looking to play the quick-flipping game for big profits.

In that sense ‘Ye was correct,  as these impromptu tweets from someone at Sneakernews put forth during black Friday week.

So, then,  the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 released in a trio, three  Core Black, Primeknit sneakers with a  ‘jazz stripe’ in assorted colors.

All sold out of course.

To date,  The’Core Red‘ striped pair has sold the most in the aftermarket , followed closely by the Copper  stripe,  then the Green stripe.

More pairs were indeed made availble with this release as well.

Whereas in 2015 the Yeezy 350s never resold lower than four  figures,  the v2 350s have seldom crept above it, reselling for $6-$700 on average, roughly triple its S220 retail price.

It’s a sign that adidas and  West are approaching the ‘sweet spot’ for the Yeezy 350 in terms of supply and demand. Yeezys are not  yet at “everybody -who- wants -Yeezys-will-have- them” (and  probly never will be), but as more small -time flippers / mini-reseres are able to cop a pair more easily than before, plus  make double their money in profits on a quick-flip, all eyes will continue to move in the direction of Yeezy.

Another NMD Takeover

Adidas was clearly determined to get the majority of its releases out way before Thanksgiving, dropping its most popular silhouette the day prior to the three Yeezys, November 22nd.
In another  outstanding  analysis of the adidas resale market,  StockX dropped a crazy  stat: 100% of  NMDs have been profitable  for resellers to some degree, something no other brand can say about a generally-released silhouette .

This interesting , because one weaknesses critics can point out about  NMDs and Ultra Boosts  (oddly absent from the Black Friday slate) is their  anonymity.

Apart from a few colorways,  many NMDS  fail to stick out in the minds of sneaker buyers, unlike the many ‘nicknamed’ Jordan and Nike classics.

This anonymity , however,  apparently  matters little,   since adidas has made selling the silhouette its priority, rather than this or that colorway like other brands. That, combined with relatively low production numbers of even GR NMds means the shoes always sell out, which automatically makes them more significant in the aftermarket.

Thus,   of numerous NMD XR1  released during Black Friday week, the majority have flipped for  profit, albeit relatively small ones for all but a couple of colorways. The shoes are nowhere to be found on the StockX Most Popular  list , but  ebay sales  show that one can hardly lose money on an NMD. They are effectively what retros were prior to summer 2015: guaranteed money.

NMD Collabs

Given that the NMD  is a ‘can’t lose’ for flippers, what could one expect when that silhouette links up  with one of the biggest names in streetwear?

Correct: cha- frickin-ching.
As expected , the Three Stripes’ BAPE collab was ultra – limited, sold out within minutes, and the $150 (grails?) have both been quick flipping for about $700-$1100+ in the aftermarket, the low and high figures of that range representing the difference in price between the Black Camo ($700) and the Olive Green Camo ($1100). Folks really want that Olive pair.

The Bedwins , which were actually  $20 more expensive than the  Bapes , and an obvious ‘consolation prize’ collab for those 90% of folks who tried-and-whiffed on the BAPES, have been flipping for about $20-$70 over box price with wildly fluxtuating prices.

Non-Boost Styles

In a surprising twist, the the James Harden vol. 1 “Imma be a Star” edition signature kicks sold out,  a beneficiary of the adidas bubble, plus the fact that most adidas production runs are a small fraction of Nike’s for similar style kicks.

As such , sales in aftermarket have beem sluggish with  but a handful of folks  willing to bite on paying $100-$150 over retail for a pair of these. If history is a guide, expect these to restock before the year is out.

The HAL EQT is MIA can be found here in a few sizes. The  Alphabounce Xeno is availble here.

Jordan Brand

From as early as late-February (a nine month lead time) sneakerheads  have known about the scheduled Black Friday  date of the True Blue  release.

On November 22nd , ‘heads were informed that that same shoe  unexpectedly dropped  early, an old marketing trick  resembling a quickstrike, a completely unannounced  release designed to cause a buying frenzy through word-of- mouth ,  and social media.

This was an odd move , since the purpose of setting a date well in advance of the release for certain styles is so potential buyers can circle their calendars for the shopping appointment. The purpose of  a quickstrike is the opposite: to use the unknown (pairs aavailable ) to spur buyers into action ( act now!).

Since anybody intersted in the ‘True Blues’ had many months to decide if, when, and where to buy the kicks on November  25th, 2016, almost nobody was going to be fooled by an early drop.

If anything, the gambit hinted the  fact that the 3s were a GR, that anybody who wanted a pair ASAP would be able to cop one. The shoes would not sell out instantly – eventually, yes – but not instantly.

The True Blues  thus continue the newfound Jordan Brand tradition of the ‘ Super GR , a shoe of high desirability produced in such large amount  that it will sell out slowly, killing any chance for any quick flip money to be made for resellers. They remain available here in many sizes

As a strategy for growing revenue,  it is effective , provided a brand’s equity is strong enough in a sector to ensure a constant enough flow of buyers for an  item that can ‘market itself’.  Many  Jordan Brand retros certainly have that sort of clout , so JB can afford to lessen its focus on’ limited  edition marketing,  and look to simply boost volume of sales, hype-be-damned.

To sneakerheads,  this seems a step backwards , since Jordan Brand essentially created the  modern day Resale Era in sneakers with its semi -limited marktng strategy that offered  added value to kicks that have had great  important to sneaker enthusiasts since their inception. Now , many buyers  must be feeling as if they’ve been used. This is what has created the seeming backlash and criticism of The Brand as a result: people’s growing pains as Jordan evolves, and forces ‘speculators’ to do the same.

So the True Blues, were, for some, a downer, but many would have to wait just a few days to buy the Semi limited ‘Top 3’ retro 1s, a shoe that would remind folks of the  ‘good old days’ of  pre-Summer ’15 releases.

The Top 3 1s, dropped at 10AM sharp (no early release), and  sold out within hours.

Since then, aftermarket action has been erratic, with most buyers willing to pay only the minimum $60-$70 over retail for a pair immediately after the drop , followed by a sharp spike in resale price to $300 – double the previous day’s markup –  as  pairs from The Flight Club and other consignment stores began to  get rung up .

Apparently there were plenty of pairs,  judging by the fact that the Top 3 wasted no time unseating the Red Yeezy 350 v2 of Black Friday  from the top of StockX’s Most Popular list, with  200+  more sales than that shoe, and  double the number of Black Toes, despite conceding a  head start of three weeks to that OG retro style. It is somewhat puzzling that a shoe which sold through online so quickly still saw that many  pairs purchased amd resold . That could mean that the online pairs were more limited than those in- store- who knows?

Regardless , the Top 3 tosses aside any notion that the Jumpman has fallen behind Yeezy in any way besides ‘the hype of the new’ for those who really know what’s up.

DJ Clark Kent debuted the Black Friday/Cyber Monday  XXXI at ComplexCon on the 5th of November. When the pair released as a SNKRS exclusive, it sold out, and  has since been MIA.


The Swoosh naturally had another big batch of assorted kicks ready to sell on  festive  weekend, the biggest of which would  be the ‘ Dr. Doom ‘ Foams , a new Kobe ‘ After Death’ silhouette,  the latest ‘Box Series’ SB Dunk – The Pink Box – Lows,  and the Woodland Camo Air Force 1 Lows.

But first, let’s get the ever-present sitters from  The Swoosh accounted for.

Nike began the Holiday week with another Kyrie 2 release, which can be found here in sizes 9.5 and up . The Kyrie 2 Krispy Kremes restocked as a 34th st Foot Locker exclusive,  giving Gotham based flippers another opportunity to  corner the market like adidas’ ‘Week of Greatness’  XR1 drop had. Chances are good that many passed on these,  since the $175-plus plus pair is only fetching about $40 over that ebay.

The following day saw yet another KD 9 colorway hit shelves, as did two more Nikelab Air Unlimiteds (here,here), as well as what must be the wide release of one half of Roundel Zoom Spiridon collab, and the Flax Griffey Maxes. The latter sold out is available here, but is useless for the flip.

On the 23rd – aka Yeezy Day – Nike released their answer to the Yeezy triplets: the Doom Foams and the AD Kobes ‘Ruthless Precision’ .

Those  two sneakers sold through quite quickly, which  was  logical for  the cult silhouette  shoe – the Dooms – making its   return after decade. A sell out for the AD Kobe was a bit of a surprise,  given the unpredictable , usually underwhelming performances of recent Kobe signature shoes at retail.

For a shoe that sold out fast , the Dooms are perorming erratically in the aftermarket, as this  graphic from StockX and ebay data shows. Prices are Ranging from $60 over retail to $100+.

In many ways this is normal for a Foamposite, an expensive-yet perfectly priced shoe that Nike does not release very often, and which, in the right colorway, can fetch $400 or more in the resale market easily.

As for the Kobes,  well,  the limited silhouette debut (a Nike staple) , has performed as many a shoe with that release profile has: a handful of sales in the aftermarket for the minimum $60-$70 markup on average .

Thursday, the 24th,  was reserved for Turkey dinner and Football, so Nike took that day off before unleashing two more Nike Basketball sitters to the public via the Lebron Soldier 10, and yet another KD 9.

The third- or, perhaps, the second -most significant Nike shoe for the Holdiay weekend was the SB Dunk ‘Pink Box’ , which released on Saturday, the 26th.

The story with most SB Dunks these days is that their ultimate value (the highest amount buyers want to pay for a pair, period) is,  in most cases, not much more than their $95-$120 or so box price.

This means that most of the fans of what is one of Nike’s most popular cult shoes simply feel the kicks are overpriced. As such, whem a new GR releases, fans of the silhouette take notice,  but will often wait to buy a pair until the price is slashed considerably and they can cop it for a deep discount,  to quote a common term in the SB Dunk-related Niketalk forums.

This makes most SBs irrelevant in terms of resale, since life for a shoe only commences in the aftermarket once it is gone from retail, something  SBs rarely do quickly enough at their original price point.

On occasion, though,  The Swoosh hits a release out of the park, with just the right combination of timing, colorway, Collaborator,  and (usually) semi limited pair count to wake Dunk lovers from their slumber, and get them to pay up for a  fresh pair of Dunks. Such examples from recent years include the Blue Ox by Familia , and Concepts’  Stained Glass of 2015, not to mention grails like the Diamond High retro of 2014.

The Box Series Dunks – of which there have been three so far – fit into this latter category, so they’ve sold through quickly by SB standards.

Not surprisingly, though,  there has been little money to be made on the trio, because there is little room for a price premium between a retail price point of $120-plus- tax, amd the  ‘price cap’ most buyers are willing to  for a pair of Dunks, which is around $200 for all but the rarest Dunk Grails like the Diamond highs.

It is thus no surprise to see the Pink Boxes flipping for just about $40-$60 over retail .

Another in what is unofficially the ‘Camo’ pack of Uptowns, The Woodland  Camo AF 1 Low released via SNKRS on Cyber Monday.

As previous semi-limited Camo pack AF1s had, this pair sold out fast at the bargain price of $100, and has since been largely forgotten about,  fetching just $50 over retail for the handful of sales on ebay since them.

The Others

In a time of oversaturation in the sneaker game ( 50 drops in one week?) the  biggest challenge for buyers is  keeping track- not only of what is releasing , but where, when, and how- then planning a strategy of what, where,  when, and how to buy it.

For would-be resellers, it is also necessary to stay abreast of how shoes are performing in the marketplace  days and weeks – even months – after they release.

That is a daunting task.

As such, the  brands that can maintain their kicks  prominently in the minds of shoppers despite heavy competition  is the key to having the shoes sell.  Minor brands can turn to hype (limited drops/collaborations) to sell, and most do just that, with varying results.


KITH/ Ronnie Fieg

The one smaller brand which consistently (as in always) sees this tactic work for it is Ronnie Fieg’s  KITH (or is it KITH’s Ronnie Fieg?)

Fieg, the recent recipient of the Retailer of the Year  award from Footwear News has done  nothing short of a magic trick in  growing both his store’s brand and his personal brand  into a major player in streetwear, fashion,  and , of course, sneakers.

Of course, Fieg has long been known for his sneaker designs, particularly his work  with asics on the Gel Lyte iii, where his most popular colorways command astronomical sums.

Fieg’s legacy as ‘super-collaborator’ has thus given extra clout to pretty much any project he attaches his or his Kith store’s name to.  This  allows him  to  successfully market all sorts of sneakers  other boutiques / designers would fail to, simply on the strength of Fieg cosigning it.
So, when news broke to sneaker buyers about  two silhouettes, the  3.1 (a Fieg creation) and Gel  Mai, for $200 and $180 respectively, many were  perplexed   .

For one, well , the kicks are unconventional ; they’re not what buyers are used to. Second, aesthetically (colorway and style),  they’re kinda ugly, some might say. Lastly ,retail for those obscurities was in the same price range as retros and Yeezys. Copping those kicks represented a definite  gamble.

But the  gamble would  be on the Ronnie Fieg  Brand  at least as much, if not more than,the two obscure Asics silhouettes.

And, Ronnie Fieg is money, as this StockX piece points out. Anybody who is not a shoe brand him or herself,  yet  nevertheless can be found on ebay via their last name certainly qualifies as an influencer who can move product of all sorts, obscure or not.

Hence, the Gel Ltye III.1s and Gel Mais sold out, no surprise  for what were surely  ultra – limited supplies. How then, did the kicks do in the aftermarket?

Not great, to be honest. Fieg is on the record as saying he does not create product to be resold, so that could suggest some reason why many of his shoes are always premium priced: to give little value away to would-be flippers.

It was always a given, however that Fieg+limited would ensure some would try their luck with the Mais and Lyte III.1s.

For what it’s worth, the  Salmon 3.1 colorway has seen the most interest from resale buyers,  proof that Fieg has effectively linked his personal brand with that colorway  a la Diamond Supply’s ‘Diamond Blue’. Otherwise, the four colorways of the Gel Mai and Gel  3.1s are ‘not for resale’.
Fieg’s surprise Cyber Monday kicks sure as hell were, though.

The ever- savvy marketer , Fieg’s Kith  tweeted a link to the unexpected release  of the two handmade, Made-in-Japan Gel Lyte 3s at 5:11 PM (Cyber) Monday evening – a Kithstrike as it was. One of the sneakers was a remix of the iconic  Salmon Toe grail, the other  Militia colorway  inspired by Fieg’s father’s best friend,  as he explained in his blog.

One can only imagine the  digital  pandemonium that broke out as news spread that these two grails were available  (albeit for about twelve minutes).

One needn’t strain the brain, though, trying to figure out if the shoes were flippers. The Salmon Toe 2.0 is currently worth three times its retail price of $250, while the Militia Green is worth slightly less: 2.5 times retail.

The Other Others

I’d mentioned Diamond Supply Co. as  another brand strongly attached with an iconic colorway, the Diamond Blue and Black. The skate brand had a Black Friday shoe to which it applied its  minty touch : the Puma Clyde. Apparently a strict  store exclusive, the shoes  sold out via Diamond’s webstore, and have since seen few willing to pay a penny above the $120 retail for a pair.
Onto the next one shall we?
Which happens to be  ananother Asics shoe: a Gel Lyte V in collaboration with  Japan’s Monkeytime.

Appatently, this ‘Dress Up’ release was a store exclusive.  It has been MIA in the U.S., but can be found here…..Maybe.

OKay, that brings us to the next boutique – sponsored project : The Philly boutique , Villa, x Fabolous’  collab .

The project featured four  silhouettes across four brands  : New Balance  999(the Boathouse Row), ; Reebok QueStion ( the Liberty Bell; a Converse All star (Naturel) ;  and a 6 inch Timberland boot (the First Frost).

Welp, the 999s have, to date, been overlooked , despite being sensibly priced at $130. They can be found here.

As for the Liberty Bell Questions, few heads saw fit to part with $170 for a pair, so they are still here.

Ditto the ‘First Frost Timbs.’ For  $200 , they can still be found  here in a full size run.

The  Chucks, oddly enough,  have no half sizes,  but for just  $65, sizes 8-13 can be had.

This brings us to a duo of Reebok collaborations- Kendrick Lamar’s CL Leather Lux, and Cam’Ron’s Fleebok 2 Ventilator Supreme.  which just so happened to also release at Villa , speaking to a close connection between the boutique and Reebok.

Kendrick’s Reeboks in  luxuriously soft deep green is available in a virtual FSR at Villa for $150….

Cam’ Ron’s  Fleeboks, sold out , and  have flipped for the minimally acceptable $60-$70 markup  when pairs did pairson  ebay, which has been few and far between.

It is up  in the air how significant this shoe becomes, because ,  ‘Salmon’ is Fieg’s, and ‘Mint‘ or ‘Tiffany’ is Diamond Supply’s,  then can it be said Killa Cam owns  Pink?

It’s possible , but Killa might need to bring his signature hue to a collab with  Nike on a  pair of Uptowns  to move the needle with future projects.

Okay, onto the Jeff Staple x Ewing Athletics ‘Pigeon’ (natch). These sold out, and have essentially gone MIA since then.

The Brooks Heritage Regent ‘Great Wave’ has been completely forgotten about, and can be had in sizes 7-14 here, along with other hot items.

The Diadora ‘Mochiatto pack’ is  availble via Footpatrol UK in many sizes for the $172 B. Elite, and up to size 9 for the V. 7000 FD .

Diadora has long been a brand that makes kicks folks want , but dont necessarily want to pay for.  As such, so many fresh collabs from the Italian label go overlooked since , outside prominent projects like the Purple Tape by Raekwon and Packer Shoes , there is simply not much of a market  outside of retail for them.

That it? Thank goodness.

Keeping tabs on 50 releases is not for the faint of heart, but it can be done, and the insights provided here just might aid one in recalling the more obscure sneakers floating around in the world of kicks, waiting to be rediscovered by those who pay attention. Adios……


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