​​Resale Report: 12.10.16 :  Jammin’ in Space. 

Even my first cup of joe couldn’t fully motivate me to get psyched to wrtie this post……

But here it goes….

Adidas – the new hype brand – took the week ending Saturday, December 10th off, as it  declined to go toe-to-toe with the annual ‘Biggest JB Drop of the  Year’ : The Retro 11, this year’s edition being the “Space Jam”.

Jordan Brand

As StockX’s Josh Luber wrote in recap of resell action following the Space Jam drop, Jordan Brand metaphorically caught buyers a bit off guard with the number of pairs it released.

This was in large part due to the slightly misleading information reported by the blogs who – using the Foot Locker Release Locator as proof – stated confidently that buyers should be able to easily cop a pair come December 10th.

Yeah, well, there is a difference between the number of stores receiving pairs of a shoe, and the pair count said stores will get (something I’ve pointed out before).

The Space Jam 11s were semi-limited, sold out online within hours.

From then on however, resale action was not too crazy, standard $60-$70 markups on ebay, a sign that buyers – citing recent memory -are surely  expecting a restock soon, or a good number of pairs are still available locally some places.  Of course, a $300 average price cap could suggest that the overall value of retros is decreasing?

That last sentence is obviously  speculative on my part, but it is a known fact that the sneaker resale game is undergoing a massive shift, a slow one in  many ways ( and often hidden from plain view), but the watershed aha moment of realization is drawing near.


I was really going to name this post ‘bye week 2’ ,in light of the relatively ‘weak’ fare on offer for December 10, but I decided to not disrespect the annual ‘Holiday 11’ that way.

But with that release looking like it will  to be profitable for but a handful of sellers with lots – as in hundreds  – of pairs, the 10th seemed kind of  like a gallic shrug of a release weekend.


Uber-collaborator Riccardo Tisci was back with another artistic project for the Swoosh: the  Zoom Legend RT.

The shoe released, and  sold out. It is, however, not being tracked on StockX,  and has, to date, registered a literal handful of sales from a  few ebay lunatics for $400.  These, the Zoom Legends are not.

The All-White SF Air Forces  restocked for $165, which, in addition to bringing smiles to the faces of some, brought ‘dohs’ and sighs to sellers who’d held onto the formerly-ComplexCon exclusives , as it knocked the resale price down for that shoe about $100 : from 350-$400 to $250-$300.

The ‘City Pack’ Air Force 1s, are doing  very little in the  aftermarket, which could spell value for ‘investors’ who take the long  approach of these (hmmmm).

The Air Unlimited continues to release and virtually sell-out in every colorway,  and yet remain unprofitable in the aftermarket.

This is  proof- beyond – proof that, while  the shoes are very limited,  few actually want them besides the intial buyers. The shoes are also somehow available for less tham reta via certain ebay sellers,  so…….

The Flyknit Racer ‘Earth Tones‘ is (surprise, surprise) selling  for the standard $50-70 over retail.

As always,   Nike was able to spring a surprise with the fairly strong debut of its new  Lunarcharge Premium silhouette.

Most colorways sold out one , but  most of the  business for this shoe in the aftermarket has been for the ‘OG Oreo‘  colorway , which fetched nearly double its  retail price  for some sellers before setling Into an average of $50-$60 over its $110 box price.


Two weekends ago,  fans of the Ultra Boost and NMD were treated to a veritable feast of kicks to cop.

Well,  on December 8th,  fans of the Tubular Instinct – in Black and Tan –   were given a lesson in the definition of ‘not for resale’ means. The kicks – semi-limitted as always, I’m sure – sold out a bit slowly, but have been MIA since……

Meanwhile, the EQT ADVs in Core and Teal, plus Onix and Team Orange are also MIA.


The Others

With one shoe-in release from Jordan Brand on deck, and relatively tame releases from Nike and adidas, it made sense for the other brands to drop some of their more serious heat on December 10th.

Packer Shoes was touted as having a  New Balance  999 releasing in a ‘CML’ (Camel?) colorway. It seems, however, that the  fresh-looking pair is MIA, perhaps an indication that the drop was postponed.

Update:Nah, those kicks dropped.

Those kicks sold out.

They’re simply getting overlooked in the aftermarket, with but one pair fetching half the standard markup: $40.

Rihanna returned with more Creepers, a trio of premium suede shoes in Gray, Black, and the ever-popular ‘Red Velvet’.

The limited edition ‘pack’ sold out everywhere, and the ‘Velvet’ pair is fetching $50-$70 over retail, a bargain for buyers right now, as that price can only go higher as fewer pairs remain in the aftermarket. The other two colorways are seemingly only worth their box price. More on that later.

UA’s ‘Davidson’ curry 3s are readily available herehere, and, well , a LOT of places.

The OG Blue Toe Reebok Questions are available from the source, right here in select sizes.

The SBTG x Titolo x Vans Old Skool is a Chamrosh, a mythical beast even more rarely seen than a unicorn. No clue where these babies (the sneakers)  are right now.

Las Vegas’s Feature Boutique has a nice recent tradition of simply killing it with their  Saucony collabs, and their work with the ‘Bacon and Eggs colorway continues that legacy.

Likely limited to a handful of boutiques, the kicks are long-  gone at retail,  and, at $140 retail, may as well be kept and worn rather than flipped for $90 over retail. If its one thing that’s certain, it’s that Limited editon Sauconys are not the ticket to consistent resale profits.

Tihe Li Ning Way of Wade release  is ….

…well, at least Wade has his own website. Those ‘Christmas Stingwades‘  aint bad either….

Oh yeah…..


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