Resale Report: 1.14.17

Adidas chose the second weekend of the new year to once again unleash the beast  that is the OG NMD Primeknit. That alone was enough to earn it top billing. The Three Stripes wasn’t done there, though,  restocking two of the more coveted Ultra Boost 3.0 colorways, the Trace Cargo and Mystery Red (Burgundy) styles.

Nike dropped the second  half of its Black Sheep collaboration on the SB Dunk High, and continued the ‘Silver Bullet Air Max ’97 World Tour’ (as I call it), with the well- traveled colorway popping up exclusively in Amsterdam’s Solebox boutique on January 14th.

Jordan Brand, meanwhile, released  an experimental offering in the  ‘Max Orange’  retro 12 Low, plus another Girl’s retro 6 to little fanfare.
Away from center, Reebok and Puma  were back in the mix with more collabs via the Club C, Instapump Fury, Workout Lo, and Puma Clyde respectively.
All in all, the week ending January 14th was another tame one, with just a bit more flicker to the flame – courtesy of the OG NMD – as the NBA’s ‘Mid-season Classic’ draws that much closer.



In its groundbreaking analysis of the ‘History of  adidas resell’,  sneaker data site, StockX,  pointed out adidas’ propensity for killing many of its otherwise significant releases by constantly restocking them. From the ZX Flux Multicolor, to the ‘Kanye’ White Ultra Boost, to the Pirate Black Yeezy 350s, adidas has simply had a knack for ruining its good things.

I wonder, then,  how StockX  feels about what is easily the biggest restock of the  year to date?

A quick look at the  historical price chart, it is quite clear the strong impact the restock has had on prices for the shoe.

Prior to January 14th, pairs of the Lush Red NMD were fetching well  over $1000. As the restock loomed, however, there was a steady drop over time. Finally, the jump off of the cliff in the wake of what seems to have been a ‘re-release’ now see  pairs selling for under $300. That is still  a good amount over its $170 box price – nearly double – but a far cry from the days when a wearer could  walk around flexing what was then a  $1000 ‘grail’.

Four Figures, however, wasn’t the proper level for  a shoe as popular as the Core Black/Lush Red NMD  to maintain; it made all the sense in the world for adidas to restock it, in my opinion.

As the above graphic shows,  it’s quite clear that buyers can’t get enough of that colorway, with the kicks garnering large support at $1000 or the current $300-ish price points.

Now that the shoes are far more approachable price-wise, however, it has hit its crossroads moment,  where people either lose interest in it as its halo vanishes, or buy it back up to grail-level prices. Time will tell.

Ultra Boost

In other news, the Trace Cargo UB has sold solidly at around $80-$120 over retail, while data for the Mystery Red/Burgundy remains unclear.

The latest colorway of the D Rose 7 is readily available here.


The second half of the ‘WISC’ (Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing) SB Dunk dropped  on January 14th, and duly sold out.

To date, pairs of the wide release have resold for about $30-$50 over the retail price ,while the Deluxe Edituon still commands little more than double the MSRP. Not surprisingly, though, sales for that ‘Collector’s Edition’ has slowed considerably, as buyers come to their senses.

The WISC Dunk seems to have been a triumph for Nike – a significant(?) drop – but, in truth, it signifies one of the main shortcomings in The Swoosh’s marketing techniques these days. That is something TRR will investigate in the near future.

Silver Bullet ’97

Anyhoo, Nike’s rollout of the Silver Bullet ’97s has  been nothing short of mind boggling.

First teased in early October of last year, the Italy-exclusive version of the shoe (with Italy Flag pull-tabs), released again on December 2nd in its OG, non-Italy-flag-tab colorway,   and then dropped two weeks later in the rest of Western Europe.

Less than one week after its European release, newfound ‘Official Nike Partner’,  Kith, released the shoe in Quickstrike fashion on December 19th, something the blogs had been priming US-based buyers to expect.

The shoes vanished from that outlet quickly (of course),  before being slated once again for a Euro-boutique exclusive,  Amsterdam’s Solebox on January 14th.




If the above paragraph has the readers head spinning, then I invite one to read it again, because I scarcely understand it myself.

I suppose we shall call it a  ‘peek-a-boo’ style of marketing by Nike for a classic shoe that is, nevertheless, quite pricey  at $175 USD,  and  will probably be forgotten about by many sneakerheads once Jordan  starts rolling out its own heat in about a week or so.

The aftermarket for the  ‘Bullets has, however, been solid, with what is arguably the best looking of the classic Air Max runners seeing support from those who appreciate the shoes aesthetically.

It is simply strange to see the shoe brought back via such an eclectic rollout at a time when those kinds of  cheeky, cat-and-mouse games are impractical, because,  as  DJ Clark Kent suggested in an interview with Youtube’s DJ Vlad,  “everybody knows everything,” about upcoming releases anyway, and  fewer pairs that aren’t Jordan retros are considered must haves due to oversaturation. The Swoosh might do better leaving such  fancy pump fakes and feints for its drops,  and just release the shoes. After that, the silhouettes and  colorways can do the talking for themselves.

Jordan Brand

JB’s  headliner for the weekend, the  Max Orange retro 12 Low can be found right here – any size you want.
Ditto those Hyper Pink retro 6’s for the kiddies – go nuts.

The Others

It was yet more limited collabos for Reebok and Puma for the week ending January 14th.

Puma combined with Stampd for a trio of premium Clydes in Black,  White, and  Salmon Pink, the  new it color. Most are still available  here (black),  and here (pink). The white seems to have sold out.

Reebok had its own trio of classic collaborative efforts as well.

It dropped the ‘Washed Denim’ Club C in collaboration with Kendrick Lamar,  a nice shoe that is nevertheless available in a near-full-size-run right here.

RBK also teamed up with SBTG and Limited EDT for a very funky take on the Instapump Fury, dubbed the ‘Feline’ (for obvious reasons when one gets a gander at the shoe). That baby can be easily had via Limited EDT’s store for about $211 bucks. Oh yeah.

Finally, Reebok hooked up with Japan’s Beams via the Workout Lo ‘Clean’, a shoe available in an FSR at Sneakersnstuff. Oh yes.


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