Resale Report: 2.4.17

Adidas had 20 sneakers on deck for one’s purchasing pleasure during the week ending February 4th. Jordan and Nike had but five combined, so I guess we see the pattern there: your turn one week (Nike Jordan) then mine the next (adidas). The only other brands with kicks on offer were New Balance and Vans.

I’ve made myself  a (very late) New year’s resolution: I’ll only refer to a new adidas shoe by either a nickname or colorway if I feel it truly deserves one; my sanity depends on doing that.

This is because adidas’ release strategy has been of the “Death by One Thousand Drops” variety: tons of releases on tons of release dates, with   hard-to-remember colorway names (Tactile Blue? really?).

Unlike with a Nike or Jordan shoe, it’s usually pointless to check whether or not any particular  adidas Boost shoe has sold through: it almost always has.

During the scant few times a shoe hasn’t disappeared from retail instantly , it is often times well on its way there, or a genuine reject in the eyes three stripes buyers.
Pure Boost
And it is fast becoming clear that  adidas is in danger of firmly  rubber stamping “REJECT”  on its Pure Boost silhouette, a shoe that showed promise in its newly- resurrected life, yet has quickly disappointed since.

February 1st would see  a trio of  palm-of-the-fist-hitting-the-forehead-repeatedly (d’oh!) Pure Boost drops , with each of the three 3 colorways still available online. One has to wonder whether the three stripes has enough creativity to come up  with some bold, striking colorways that could jumpstart this silo on a path towards lasting relevance.


BA8896  is available here.
BA8895  is All but sold out on adidas store,  but just look at the prices on the two sales eBay to date: low heat.

BA8893: see below.


When’s the  last time an all-white adidas boost shoe sat at retail two weeks after release in a full size run?

The above could be the very first yet.

Ultra Boost

Alright, so  perhaps even the heretofore effective  “thousand cuts” approach is not good enough to bait buyers into copping run of the mill colorways of a second-tier silo, but we know it’s still working  fine for the   Ultra Boost , a shoe somehow on its third edition in just two years. .

So,style  S80635 is  available in only a few sizes as of this writing.

Its performance on eBay , however, is interesting.

Anyone who said to themselves that the above shoe is nothing special is absolutely correct.

Buyers feel the  same, but beacuse it sold out at retail while fulfilling, say, merely 70% of its sufficient demand , this still gives sellers in the aftermarket leverage  to do no worse than sell to  recoup their expenses, serving a willing, yet slightly underserved market.

After all , where else would those who missed out  turn?  Barring local availability (a privilege only the largest sneaker markets regularly enjoy) one would be left with just eBay as the  cheapest, most consistently accessible option in the search for a pair.

And So it goes:a few savvy buyers catch-out reselling noobs ( who unwittingly open themselves up being low-balled by an auction) and get a  pair for less than retail,  while  savvy flippers get a cool $50-$70 over box, twisting the arm of buyers who simply must have that Energy Red UB. In the middle ,however,  lies the truth: the shoes are only worth but so much, and only because they sold out at retail.


Of course, the law of averages sees to it that a good number of the numerous UB drops will be genuinely dope.

For example, Shoe #S80636 was actually  deserving of a nickname, an obvious one, but a nickname nonetheless: ‘Oreo’

An aside:

Here’s what we know: Ultra Boosts in Black, White, or some bespeckled combo thereof are generally money, the same way Black really works for Yeesters (Yeezys).

It therefore Would’ve taken a true moron to not plainly see that the Oreo UB 3.0 would  be a  big shoe, a critical mass colorway, a Turtledove  of an Ultra Boost.

It is, and it sold at retail on the strength of that, no doubt.

But again, let’s go to the videotape….

…..Where we see that buyers have only been willing to part with between $40-$50 over retail, a sign that more releases are being met with increasing apathy.

It Also shows the sound logic of adidas’ grand strategy of scaling back pairs: helps with  brand prestige; stores look good, manufacturer looks smart.

It is Only within the shady depths of aftermarket analysis (where this blog dwells) that one can spot  signs of potential trouble in the decrease of resale prices for a silhouette.

Such as when shoe sells out, yet can be had on eBay for less than its box price.

Take a  gander at the aftermarket performance of  another virtually sold out UB, #BA8844. The colorway has sold  just as many times  above retail as it has  below. Ditto #BA8843.

# BB6059 was a restock of the Clear Greys (yeah, those get a nickname). That colorway fits the criteria I laid out above – Black, White, or some combo  (literally) of both – and have thus seen decent activity on eBay consistently at $40-$70 over  retail.

The Tactile Blues – a women’s colorway -was  receiving much support in the market,until the restock knocked the price down to retail levels.

S80686 : sales for this Salmon Pink women’s colorway was quite strong immediately following its drop, but has since tapered off a bit since then.

This UB colorways could have long-term appeal for the opposite reason the OG UB’s did: because it is away from the core white/black/grey base palette. It softly suggests a new interpretation of the silhouette for one’s consideration.


BA9617:  These can now be had  for retail.

Style BB4486 is still around at retail in many sizes via Overkill.

Consortium OGs

These? Here


I laugh, because the Dopest shoe of the week was a collaboration that combined one of the the hottest names in streetwear right now – Bape – with another long-time Consortium partner, Neighborhood.

That meant, of course, that whether or not told yourself how much ” I neeeed  those,”, dude, you weren’t getting a pair .

But enough of that.

The three-way collaborative was perfectly logical , given the fact that both brands boast a pedigree  replete with incredible collabs (see here & here), and, interestingly enough, they both favor the same pirate-esque Black/ White/ Gray color  palette in many of their projects. The fact that adidas let the two loose upon it Superstar Boost line in tandem was an added a big bit of flash to the rollout.

But Did it make sense for the Three Stripes to basically ensure that almost nobody would be able to get a pair upon its release?

No , but it is consistent with the overall adidas philosophy of “limit everything, overdo nothing.” It was the exact same tactic Under Armour used two years back (confirmed for me via an employee at its NYC flagship store ) in which every single Curry One shoe was limited. It worked  for UA (for a bit), and it’s working (for now) for adidas.

The instant sell out of (let’s call them) The ‘Pirate Grey’ Superstar Boost touched off an intriguing bout of question asking in the  aftermarket , where the fortunate holders of pairs then had to decide what the shoes ($180 retail) were actually “worth”.

It was thus with total sincerity that some sellers sought $800+ for the rare gems.

They were bugging, but sellers with the presence of mind to adjust their prices down to something more like $5-$600 ( triple box price) were in business – not bad. Whether or not shoes will hold such a lofty value over time remains to be seen, but anyone who ponied up cash can rest assured that he or she definitely copped a pair of truly, truly dope pair of kicks.


In a piece published on the 28th of December, Complex’s Matt Welty presented what he felt would be the biggest storylines in a sneakers in 2017.

At the very top of that discussion was the question of “would the NMD get played out?”, a valid one, considering the nearly one hundred colorways of the shoe adidas dropped last year. Buyers get bored pretty easily nowadays, so the threat of the fate that befell the Curry happening to the NMD is a very real concern.

Whether or not that unwanted fate will happen obviously remains to be seen.

It is clear, though, that  that the blind, bountiful cash support that previously greeted  all things  NMD is drying up.

It certainly was not there for the White Gum portion of  the weekend’s R1 drop in the aftermath of its customary sell through. Prices thereafter were  more or less for retail level, a huge departure from the old norm.

Style #BY1887 sold a bit better than #  BY1888 volume-wise,  but the prices  still mostly hovered fairly close to the retail number.

Three Stripe NMD

#BB2886 has resold essentially for retail , ditto #BB2884.

Aside #2

The above is interesting, because the Three-Striped NMD represents, I feel, Adidas’ best shot at having a generally released shoe with the adequate range to become a sneakerhead staple. The only  requirement would be to get a bit more crazy, so to speak , with the contrast between the upper , the three stripes, midsole, and outsole, a-la other classics like the Hamburg , Samba or even the Samoa. One can just about salivate imagining, say, the possibility of a white primeknit NMD upper with Green stripes and a Gum bottom. It’s up to adidas to make such catchy colorways a reality for the subsequent NMD shoes.

The  Three Stripes really needs to realize this hot silo’s full potential fast, because buyers seem just about ready to move on otherwise.


Jordan Brand

The Royalty 4s have been a Royal disappointment for anyone who thought they’d be flippers. The all-seeing retro is available right here in many sizes.

Like those Son of Mars’ above? Buy all you want here.

GR, OG Retro 1 Highs on deck: here, and here.

That was easy; thanks JB.



Nike has All the Midnight Navy Kobe AD you can handle here.


How Nike managed to allow the extreme devaluation of one of its freshest cult classics is one of the great  mysteries of the sneaker world.

But devalue  them it has, hence the above Ishod Wairs  are chillin’ right here – all you want.

The Others

New Balance

MRL247OR: here


MRL247BI: here


MRL247OL: This colorway has sold better than most , proof that the popularity of garments/footwear featuring a military-inspired Green is indeed representative of a broad-sweeping general trend.

One can still, however,  find a few sizes of these via Jimmy jazz.


MRL247BK:   Here.



Collectors/  buyers who ‘ go in ‘ for nothing but the most premium of Vans shoes are surely  rare.

Rare or not, that group crawled out from whichever Enchanted Boulder it normally resides under , and supported the Undercover x Vans release featuring two Old Skools and three Eras that hit stores on the Fourth,  despite the former retailing for an astounding $150,and the latter $130.



The Old Skools took most of the money in the Aftermarket, reselling for an average of about $100 over box, while the most popular Era was the Black pair , which fetched anywhere from $60-$100 over retail.  This is proof that, contrary to popular belief, Vans does in fact have a buying public that will ‘pay up ‘ for its most salient colorways.

Who knew?




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