Resale Report: 2.11.17

The week ending February 11th was Yeezy time; no further explanation is needed.

Adidas released the Black & Red Yeezys as its weekly ‘Grand Finale’ on Saturday, February 11th, after warming buyers up during the week with a very nice UB collaborative with SneakersnStuff ,  whose Ultra Boost  from almost exactly a  year ago has ‘aged well’ , to say the least.

Nike ,meanwhile , chose the weekend before the NBA All – Star break to release a slew of its ‘high-end’ shoes , this after surprising some expectant buyers with its announcement that it wouldn’t be dropping any All-Star (i.e. Basketball) shoes this year.

Jordan Brand released its $400, all-leather retro V, its BHM collection, and it’s Valentine’s Day AJ 1 for girls.


Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Why does it feel as if there’s a certain mystique surrounding the OG adidas Yeezy 350s that the V2s lack? There’s a certain sexiness that surrounds the Oxford Tan, or Pirate Black Yeezy colorways that  is simply  absent with the Orange or White Stripe V2.

It’s a sign of the times, really: the ‘hype cycle’ has grown so short in the midst of the smorgasbord of sneaker releases that buyers are overstuffed. As one will see in the release lineup for February 18th, sneaker brands’ attempts to cash-in on what is supposedly a blindly- loyal fan base for kicks  has resulted in  an ‘arms race’  for mindspace, each company hoping to keep those weekend dollars flowing into their own respective accounts at the expense of the competition.

On the purchasing end , there is still a large enough number of buyers willing to play along and eagerly try to handicap what’s going to be a must-have, or a ‘flipper’ at the weekend. In the aftermarket, though , true buyers are increasingly saying, “bro, I ain’t playing that for those.”

Hence the latest ‘Black/Red’ Yeezy (first among the Yeezy spin-off boutique collaborative launch  with adidas) has resold to date for between $5-600, or about 2.5 times its box price. The price is a reflection, I feel, of both an increased production run reducing the Premium, and a growing sense that Yeezy itself is becoming kind of commonplace. After all, another colorway would be dropping in just a couple of weeks.

Ultra Boost

The original SNS  Ultra Boost is currently worth over $1000, according to StockX.

That shoe released  just over one year ago, on  January 22 , 2016, and came in the wake  the excitement of the UB being proclaimed ‘Sneaker of the Year’,  the mania of the NMD debut, and another high-profile UB colorway, courtesy of  style blog, Hypebeast.

This year’s  SNS Boost (done in partnership with North Carolina’s Social Status) dropped in a sneaker climate so innundated with UB colorways, that  buyers might be hard pressed to even recall the freshest Ultra Boost to release, say,  a  month ago – was it the Fiegs, the Naked Waves , or the Trace Cargos?

Yes, the hype has faded a bit for Ultra Boosts , but that hasn’t kept the hyper-limited SNS/Social Status (SSS) 2017 shoe from fetching between $4-$500 at resale, which is consistent with how the 2016 shoe performed for the five months following its drop, before climbing steadily in ask price as deadstock pairs became more scarce. If adidas has in fact implemented   the exact same formula it used for the 2016 drop with this one, perhaps this shoe will begin it’s own legacy as a low-key grail.

Superstar Boost

The  Superstar BOOST half of SNS/Social Status Pack has performed moderately well followings it’s sell through, but fans of the colorway should be able to cop a pair for retail or less in about two weeks.

 Boost cushioning isn’t really going to bring any crossover buyers to this classic silhouette. Superstar fans are more or less content with the classic as-is, and if they want a Boost shoe, then they will likely just cop something from the established silhouettes that feature it already.

It’s clear, then that if the SNS Superstar Boost weren’t  hyper-limited, it would probably be just as available as style# BB0188 (the classic Running White Superstar colorway) sitting at adidas store.


First things first:

Air Max 1 ‘Pinnacle Pack’

The four Nikelab ‘Pinnacle Pack’ Air Max 1s are dope, and the quality seems excellent. It is recommended that connoisseurs strongly consider adding these to the collection…….

….just wait until they go on deep discount to do so – oh yeah. All sizes can be  found here.

FK Racer

Is it me, or has Nike finally ‘jumped the shark’  with the Oreo Flyknit racer?

There was a time when to say such a thing would have been considered blasphemous, but times and tastes change (quickly).

Perhaps pairs of this classic silhouette/colorway will start disappearing over the next month, as select portions of the country begin a late- Winter thaw, and buyer’s thoughts turn to breathable , lightweight , athleisure gear.

It’s still a bit of an eyebrow raiser however to see a full size run (here) for this style nearly two weeks after its release. Has adidas prised this market (cozy) away from Nike at the moment?


Prior to this Dunk, The most valuable Comme Des Garcons x Nike shoe was the Black Blazer Lows from 2016. The shoes Retailed for $200, and have only recently seen support in the aftermarket at levels of about $250. Comme’s recent AF 1 release , meanwhile, got cold reviews in the sneaker media for a supposed lack of creativity.

 So, who in the world was among the market for this CDG Dunk – a shoe featuring clear  Plastic on the toebox and side panel – that felt  it to be on the same plateau as some the most coveted Dunks in existence, based on the support it got at resale? Clearly they were Comme fans, not Dunksters.


Granted, the $800 sales were outliers; most pairs resold for $500-ish initially with number dropping daily to prices around just $100 above that ghastly $290 box price.  But still, that shoe – worth $500+?

Time will tell.

But, like Marvin Tikvah used to say: “C’mon!”

Dunk Lux


RT (Riccardo Tisci)  was back  in collaboration with Nike for a trio of Lux Dunks on Friday, February 10th.

 Tisci’s prior Dunk Lux was done in a  simple Black and White ,but featured an ultra – high collar and oversized swoosh. The shoe Retailed for $300,  but was too ‘fashion forward’ (and expensive)  for the traditional Dunk buyer. Pairs can  now had for far less than that box price.

This time RT was determined to do it right, debuting three creations of a luxurious Dunk Chukka (Mid) silhouette any SB Dunk  buyer would recognize at a single glance.

Tisci’s Dunk Chukka once again  kept the palate simple – Black, White, Red – across the three colorways, and also dropped the price point a (tiny) bit to $250…..

….Which is still probably too high a number to draw in ‘Dunksters’ , who surely respect the clean look of the kicks, but only  shell out that sort of dough for certified Dunk grails.

 As for the fancy Nikelab crowd,  as I suggested before, its  tastes are too fickle to guarantee they’ll ever become  devotees of the Dunk, Premium quality or not.

The February 11th drop was a teaser of sorts,  with pairs limited to a handful of high end  retailers,  a global release slated for the 23rd.


As such,  there were few pairs that hit the aftermarket. Of the pairs that have been listed on eBay,  Only one has sold, and at less than retail. Meanwhile, one can take a look at the wide range of prices for listings and  see that  few sellers have any sort of  accurate read on what the shoes will prove to be worth.

Air Force 1 Downtown


LeBron 14

Buyers really don’t want to pay much more than about $200 for a pair of GR / semi- limited LeBron 14s.

Are these Vlone Uptowns really worth $2000? What’re they made of, Gila Monster?

C’mon , people.

Jordan Brand

$100-$200 over the $400 box price will land one a pair of these Ace (get it?) retro 5s. Wonder if this shoe Will be available at  retail in a month or so?

Don’t say it can’t happen.

Air Jordan 1 High

This shoe will be featured in an forthcoming Investigative Report. As of this writing, pairs of this Premium quality AJ 1 can be had for little over its $150 retail.

Jordan 1 High GS

The above is Still Here in some sizes. Otherwise, eBay for $40 over box.

One can find pretty much every size of these here.

I  lol every time I ask myself whether it’s the (Tr)unner or T-Runner. I generally go with  TRunner, because it makes for a better meme.

Anyway, these babies sold out…..

…..And have magically transformed from an $80 shoe into a $350 one? This when one of the best  non-OG aj1 (AJ 1!) colorways to drop in the past year is a lame duck in the marketplace?  This is simply proof that many buyers have lost their marbles.

True story……


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