Resale Report: 2.18.17

More than 50 sneakers were scheduled to release during the days leading up to and through NBA All-star Weekend.

Nike had 19 of  those 50,  among them the wider releases of the ’50 Decades of Basketball’  pack , two more colorways of the  Special Field Air Force 1,  its BHM pack , plus a very fancy, very pricey ‘Tech Craft’ Air Force 1 variant.

 JB released another OvO Retro 12 , which proved to naysayers that,  regardless of what they might think about the  lack of  “creativity” inherent in the Drake/Jordan collabs, there are still plenty of buyers  who will  pay  Premium prices for a pair of the  perpetually hyper-limited shoes.   Another   hyped All- Star drop , the Chameleon 6, however, would bafflingly disappoint would-be flippers.

 Following its latest Yeezy drop , adidas had roughly half the number of releases as Nike: Nine. Included in this bunch were  four colorways-across three silos in collaboration with Kolor; the  ‘Silver Pack’ Boost ‘global’ drop; plus a wider release for the fresh SNS/Social Status Ultra Boost. 

As for the other brands, nearly every notable name besides New Balance had shoes on deck, the  most memorable ones being the Curren$y Club C from Reebok.


First things first:

Air Force 1 Upstep

These fancy things are MIA; no clue what happened with this release.

KD 9

The KD 9 Home can, not surprisingly,  be  readily found here .

Air Force 1 High  Tech Craft

Buyers see absolutely no reason to part with $250 plus tax for a pair of these. Find them here (Black), and here (White; WMNS)

(Now For) The Heat

“Five Decades of Basketball ” Pack

Okay, so Nike lied to the sneaker world, sort of.

One cannot help but notice that the ‘ 5 Decades Basketball’ clearly features five silo’s from Nike’s Basketball heritage, with a twist: luxurious Vachetta Tan uppers across every shoe, barring the all-new Flight Bonafide silhouette, a Flyknit sneaker. This was your so-called ASW release.

Anyone who truly believed that the the Swoosh – synonymous with Hoops for some time now – would miss a chance to join the excitement of  the most prominent pro Basketball event of the ‘Winter Half’ of the NBA season is a fool.

Of course the  Brand that  made sure to keep buyers woke with a surprise drops on Christmas Day would have something on deck for All-Star Weekend.  The key difference this year was that Nike  made sure to frame it’s collection so as to bridge the divide between the traditional ” sneakerhead ” market and the momentous, more refined athletisure one.

This is why Noho’s Kith was ‘given the rock’  for an in-store exclusive release of this project one week before the wider release on the 18th: to test the market , utilizing what just might be the most influential brick-and-mortar boutique  in the U.S. right now.

Air Zoom Generation

The Vachetta Tan Zoom Generation 1 (whose hyper-limited release was cleverly highlighted by one slick eBay seller, shown below) retailed for $200,  and has fetched $100-$150 over that at resale.

One can certainly imagine some nice  colorway of this Retro releasing in lockstep with a Cavs /LeBron March to the NBA  Finals. If I were a betting man, I’d wager on those LeBron releases becoming fast-appreciating collectibles that would overshadow whichever LeBron 14 colorways James wears on the court; don’t ask why.

It’s certainly something to pay attention to in the long game.

Air Force 1 High  Lux

Of the 18+ thousand pairs of new Air Force 1s sold on eBay in the past 90 days , less than 1,500 sold for more than $300.

Of that number, the  majority of those – about 900 – sold for between $3-$400. The pairs that  sold for more than $400 are the truly elite Uptowns, such as the Olive Special Forces, Acronym Downtowns, and the legendary Tisci pack.

At $500 and up, one finds  Grails like the Supreme Highs from 2015, those Vlones,  and other assorted Unicorns.

 The point of all of the above  is this:

If  one is going to spend nearly $300 on a pair of ‘ Ups ‘ , one need ask oneself the extent to which he or she believes that shoe is a representative of the elites in the aftermarket , price-wise. If one is doubtful the shoe merits such a price tag, then it makes sense to pass and wait for a price drop.

So, then, was the Lux Force 1 an elite-level shoe?

Not surprisingly, the answer has been a resounding no from buyers, with just a couple of sales on eBay at -$350-$400 and one for less than retail (when one considers taxes). Meanwhile, a handful of  clueless  sellers are holding out for $450-$550. They should be reading this blog , and taking notes.

Blazer Studio

These are still available in some sizes at UBIQ.


‘Foam’ fans are nothing if not supportive of Premium prices at retail, and in the aftermarket. This is good, since at a $240 average box price, Foamposites are always among the pricier Basketball/ Lifestyle kicks Nike sells .

The $300 Vachetta tan Foams have fetched between $100-$150 at resale, consistent with the performance of the ‘Northern Lights’ drop from exactly one year ago.

Zoom Bonafide

These did not drop. As of right now, they’re MIA….

Special Field  Air Force 1

You see, Nike knows how to ‘run with’ a concept that it has tried out,  and which has quickly gained great traction in the market: go Crazy with it, like Eminem in “Just Lose It.” 

Since it made its Debut nearly four months ago, the SF AF-1 has been an instant hit. Every colorway has sold out, and one in particular – the  Olive – looks to already be a legitimate  elite shoe.

 A big part of the shoe’s success has been Nike’s using successive drops to further establish the shoe amongst those yearning for more after the initial release with wider availability and (most importantly) entirely unique interpretations of the silhouette. 

Prior to Desert Camo , Special Fields had been mostly tonal affairs: one solid color from top to bottom. The key appeal – the hook – was the  Sneaker-as-Boot concept, coupled with seasonably-appropriate colorways, and  premium materials.

 With the Desert Camo look – which added a mesh rear quarter-panel in the pattern, giving the colorway its name –  the possibilities for subsequent releases has just been widened; who knows what the future could hold for this style?

The other major factor in the Special Fields’ popularity growth has been Nike’s tight control of new releases and restocks. 

In the four months following its debut, the shoe has restocked just once (and not in every original color), and seen just  four newer colorways release – that’s it. 

That means that, including the two February 18th releases (Desert Camo and Dust)  Nike has released just ten colorways of the shoe to date . During that same time period , adidas has released three times as many  NMDs of some sort (restock or first run). With the SF AF-1s,  The Swoosh has expertly handled a “limited edition” style in a way some wish it would handle far  more of its classic silhouettes.

The popular Camo colorway has seen support from buyers ranging from $100-$150 over reatil. The far more modest Dust colorway has  generally sold for no more than $250, with average sales closer to just about $50 over retail.

BHM Pack : Basketball

LeBron 14

The LeBron 14 BHM is still available via Foot Locker in sizes 10  and smaller a smidgen of sizes.  Other sizes have seen moderate eBay action of prices $25-$60 over retail:

KD 9

 The KD 9 BHM must be the best-selling colorway of the series this side of the ‘Sauce’ release. A few sizes remain at Nike, and fairly light action on eBay has been pretty solidly pegged at around $200.

Kyrie 3

For a shoe that sold out everywhere online pretty fast,  the Kyrie 3 BHM has not commanded much of a resale premium. Resale prices were capped quickly at $200, and just as quickly settled at around the $150-60 mark.

Are buyers growing tired of the Kyrie line? Is there some sort of “third year drop” for signature basketball silos, the same struggle the Curry 3 is experiencing? Hmmmmmm…

BHM Pack: Lifestyle/Sportswear

Air Force 1 High

The men’s BHM Air Force 1 was quite limited, and has done light business since it’s sell-through at around $60-$80 over box price.

2) WMNS Air Force 1 Low

The WMNS half of The AF 1 pack  has gotten very little support in the aftermarket.

3) The Lunarepic BHM sold out on NDC, which is far better than  most styles of that silo have performed,  where even a premium, Flyknit style is on sale in most sizes.

 Despite its ‘strong’ retail sales ,the  shoe has seen zero action at resale.

Court Flare

The BHM Court Flare can be found in the larger (Men’s) sizes here. The rest are gone, but the shoe has seen little support after that.

Fragment Design x Chuck ’70 “Tuxedo” Pack

The above is the clever little collection of  four pairs of Converse  All-Star lows, whose  detailing included use of a  ‘Tuxedo Twill’ for the uppers, and a Tailor’s Tag hit on the heel.

All of that fine design hasn’t  kept buyers from mostly passing on the $120 Chucks, which can be found here.

90s Style: Uptempo  2 All-Star Blue

Slated for a wider drop on the weekend of the  24th , the Nawlins-exclusive  Pantone Uptempo 2 (surely produced with an NC-hosted All-Star Weekend in mind)  released (and sold out) via the NO’s Sneaker Politics shop.

Thereafter, they’ve seen scant action  at $100 over box.

Uptempo ’97

See the paragraph above.


First thing first:

Sns x Social Status Ultra Boost

The SNS x Social Status Boost pack was a restock/wider drop  from the previous Weekend, data for which can  found here.

Pure Boost

It’s official: The Pure Boost will  always be the “I copped these because the UBs I wanted were gone,” shoe. The Silver pack PBs are sitting in all  many sizes at adidas.

Kolor x adidas Response Trail Boost

It’s clear that outside of a Mr. Fieg cosign, the Response Trail Boost is a lukewarm silo for most buyers. The ‘Lab Greens’ on the left are still Available via Caliroots in many sizes, and have seen, like, zero sales via eBay.

The same goes for the other colorway, still available at adidas in a number of sizes. Meanwhile,  a  listing at what amounts to retail has yet to entice a buyer into copping.

Kolor x UB

The ” money”  half of the  Kolor x adidas package, however , featured two UBs (one Uncaged)  exclusive to Japan, so one can imagine what that meant (rhymes will ‘gold bout’). 

True to its name, Kolor has always done it’s adidas shoes in bright , striking colorways. Moreover, it is the only boutique to have put polka dots on an Ultra Boost, a nod to its determination to ensure its UBs stick out amongst the crowd of Core Blacks, Running Whites, and Clear Greys so common to the silhouette. 

Kolor’s latest UB was no different. It didn’t feature Polka dots, but  did sport a uniquely colorful upper that went out its way to stand out as a wild shoe: Core Black upper, Black Boost midsole, Aqua cage, Metallic Gold heel counter, Red Outsole(!), and contrasting Yellow sock liner. To complete the look, the shoes were packaged in a Spaceman Silver box. 


There’s little doubt the Japan-exclusivity helped, but this shoe has quickly joined the ranks of the elites, reselling for between $350-$400 on eBay, deservedly so,  in my opinion. Bold interpretations such as this will help keep the silhouette fresh as it ages, and will further it’s cause of becoming a  staple for sneaker buyers. 

Kolor x UB Uncaged

The Uncaged half of the project was decidedly less popular. 

This is  probably owing more to the increasing lack of enthusiasm buyers are showing for the Uncaged style in general, rather than the colorway, which, in all fairness, was far more tame than the UB one.  A handful of sales with a wide range of prices means this is a shoe certain to be forgotten in short order. 

‘Silver Pack’ UB


All of the core sizes ( 9-10.5 ) for this style have sold out on addias, but the fringe small (>8.5) and fringe big (11+) are available here.

That anomaly of sorts goes a ways towards explaining the uneven performance of the colorway at resale, where sellers expecting elite-level interest among buyers have been largely disappointed.  The shoes , buyers are saying, are not elite. Hence , they are selling for around retail.


‘Twas a  different  story altogether with the traditional Ultra Boosts from the “Silver Pack”. It has been a solid $250-$300 shoe since its release.

Jordan Brand

OVO 12

All around the world’s the same song.

You know, it’s funny how Jordan buyers sometimes seem as if they occupy some sort of alternate universe within the sneaker world, really.

About a week before the OVO 12’s dropped, Complex’s Matt Welty wrote piece questioning the continued relevance of Drake’s OVO x  Air Jordan retro releases.

The piece brought up a number of valid points, but one of its biggest was the notion that , outside of the OVO name drop and hyper – limited size runs, the shoes were otherwise shoulder shrugs, especially in the looks department.

All that being said, the latest, hyper-limited OvO 12s nevertheless sold out instantly…..

…..and have seen support in the Aftermarket to the tune of 2.5 to nearly 3 times that $225 box price.  All of the above seems to have been lost on buyers for this shoe.

The OVO saga continues…..

OG 13

This shoe is currently selling at moderate rate, but should pick up as Winter truns into Spring. A full size run is still available at Finish Line all but sold out online. 


It was two years   ago that the  ‘Photo Reel’ XX9  – a  hyper-limited, NYC-exclusive colorway for All-Star Weekend – quietly made a handful of eagle-eyed buyers who saw the significance of the shoe ( that it was MJ himself on the upper, not the Jumpman) a lot of money.

That stunt ensured that the “Photo Reel” would be one of the only significant colorway of the entire XX9 silhouette. One must ask whether such a move should become a feature of all current signature Jordans, who otherwise struggle to move the needle?

 Until then, the All-Star XXXI is readily available here.

Chameleon 6s

 This anticipated drop is still here n full size run. I know, that’s crazy unthinkable just a few years ago –  but, that’s the state of the game now.

 The Chameleon 6’s GS counterpart is also sitting in all sizes here

AJ 1 All-Star

These were limited,  and sold out online.

Thereafter, the market moved quickly and in good volume for this shoe, as buyers quickly determined the Chameleon 1s to be a Premium shoe just because, worth between $200-$250 for men’s sizes. A few buccaneers even caught some fish for $300.

The Others

Under Armour

The above are all available here.

….As is the official Curry 3 All-Star shoe , the Brass Band mids.


Curren$y’s ‘ Jet Life’ Club C takes the weekly award for boldest execution of an old concept: Sneaker as Weed.

The shoe was exclusive to New Orleans’ own Sneaker Politics , and retailed for a cool $100.

From then on, it was a race amongst sellers to see who could fleece the biggest moron for most money before interest ( and recollection of )  this shoe faded to nearly nothing.

“Dee Brown” Pumps

All Many sizes of this shoe are here


Here, sort of (Vice City Black & Pink) & here (Biscuit Brown)




MIA,  except for the pair below.

Anyone who feels they need those can find them here


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