Resale Report 2.25.17

The week ending February 25th was one that featured a number of nice releases from brands big and small, but only a few true flippers.

Adidas perhaps surprised Yeezy fans by making its ‘Zebra’ colorway far more limited than more recent V2 350s, a move that led to resale prices reminiscent of the ‘old days’ for the shoe. Otherwise, the three stripes’ biggest drop was the NMD Monochrome pack.

Nike released a good number of kicks from its Sportswear,SB,  Nikelab, and Basketball lines, including wider releases (restocks) of the  Dunk Lux Chukka RT, Silver Bullet Air Max ’97 (yet again), and the Pantone Uptempo Pack.

Its most interesting drop, however, was the debut drop of its latest signature Basketball shoe, the PG 1 made for Pacers star, Paul George. The shoe was limited to just 12,000 pairs, making just limited as wings jordan 12s 2016, sold out, and was well-supported in the aftermarket.

Jordan Brand released two more slow-selling retros – a 12 Low, and an 8 – while  Las Vegas’ Feature and Italy’s Slam Jam did some nice collaborative work with Saucony and Asics, respectively.


First things first: the ‘sitters’

Crazy Explosive Low Primeknit


Extreme sizes of this shoe are still available here. Champs has the rest covered at the mo…..Here.

Otherwise, there is but one single eBay seller cornering the market for a few clueless buyers, to the tune of $50 over retail.

There’s always one, or, in this case,three.


Wmns Ultra Boost X


Every single size still available for these; what’s that all about? The price? Colorway?


Ditto the above, sans colorway concerns. Here.


Ditto again. Wow, all sizes riiiiight here.

The Heat

Yeezy Boost 350 V2



After a handful of recent releases which suggested that all subsequent Yeezy V2 350s would be of the ‘everyone who wants Yeezy will get them’ mold, Adidas  pulled the string  with the ‘Zebra’ colorway, once again scaling back production numbers to that more in line with the OG styles. As a result, even some sellers were unsure of how low they should go early after the retail sell-through, with most settling on as base of $1,000.

That number would only climb to a current level of close to $2,000, giving  savvy buyers who copped the earliest the opportunity to re-flip the shoes if they so choose.

White Mounaineering Superstar Slip-On


These are All but gone at retail; these are also MIA in the aftermarket.


Ditto the above.

NMD ‘Tonal Pack’ (Restock)



This unique NMD colorway – the Triple Solar Red – has seen the heaviest action in the aftermarket, with prices pegged at $200, meaning the shoes are ‘perfectly priced’ at their $150 MSRP. Adidas is giving away very little value, but resellers can grind out a profit with enough pairs in hand.



Proof of just how heavily adidas has leaned on its beloved Core Black as the base for so many of its popular releases can be seen in the performance of the Triple Black NMDs. The shoe has sold at a slightly higher Premium than the ‘Solar Reds’, but at much lower volume, due to competition with the numerous other ‘Black’ Adi shoes.


Buyers must’ve had their fill of the Triple White NMD, which remains to date the most resold  NMD colorway . After this restock, however,  it can be found  in all sizes here in many sizes here.


This shoe was a Euro-exclusive. One  enterprising Europe-based seller, however,  has cornered the U.S. market for those interested at about $185. That must mean few are all that excited about the Mystic Blues.


If the previous Europe-exclusive pair is hard to find, this colorway is just plain MIA.




The repeated peek-a-boo releases    Nike has choosen as the way in which to bring back this  shoe has been maddening, but there is no denying the fact that the market has  accepted the Silver Bullet as an Elite level shoe, supporting aftermarket prices nearly twice the $175 box price.

SB Dunk 


SB Dunk buyers are notoriously thrifty, as I’ve stated before .

But Nike’s 2017 program to retro a number of the inaugural 2002 collection colorways for Nike SB’s 15th anniversary has gotten this market pretty excited, and ready to spend.


There was thus little doubt that the likely-limited Denim Highs would sell-out, especially at the price of a mere  $100 .

It did indeed out ,  and that ‘perfect’ price have sellers a wide range at which to move pairs for profit, all while steering clear of dangerous numbers like $200 and above, which would have been  necessary had the shoes retailed for just $20 more.

To date, pairs have resold for $40-$80 over box.

Dunk Lux


These are available in a number of sizes here.


Ditto the above.



The Black/White colorway of this style perhaps resonates the strongest with buyers who see it as the companion shoe to its ultra-high sibling.

As such, it is the only colorway to have sold out online , but, as I suggested in an earlier post , the box price for this Dunk leaves very little room for any action in the aftermarket.

KD 9 Elite


We’re not sure these even dropped. It was an Asia exclusive, so who knows? And couldn’t Nike have done a ‘playoffs’ colorway in something, like, even remotely resembling Warriors colors,even the alternate colors? My goodness!

Flyknit Racer



A few jackasses have seen fit to part with  $100 over box for these ‘No Parking’ FK Racers; most buyers have not.


These are MIA, bebe.

PG 1



Whichever sharp buyers had paid close attention to the significance of   Paul George’s  PG signature debut being  limited to just 12,000 pairs – and made every effort to grab as many of the ‘budget’ kicks as possible- would have snagged what was easily the second-best flipper of the weekend behind those Zebra 350s.

Of course, highly-limited debut colorways are a fairly standard strategy for new Nike Basketball silhouettes, so it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that tradition continued with the PG 1.

It was still  a bit surprising, however, to see such elite support for a shoe that , to be honest, wasn’t exactly an “I neeeeed thoooose!” silo, based on previews.

Nevertheless, the ‘true value’ of the Shining PG 1 has been solidly pegged at $200, once again making the reasonable $110 box price a Godsend to those who saw profit potential for a new, limited, Nike silhouette that could easily be the next Kyrie 1 type of performer this year.

Uptempo ‘Pantone Pack’ (Wide Drop)





Out of the trio of Uptempo Pantone Sneakers, the ’97 style seems to have the most appeal amongst buyers, rightfully so.  Evidence of this is seen by the  handful of eBay sales for this pack almost exclusively comprised of this one style. Prices have been  all over the map, though, an indication that anything might happen with subsequent releases for this shoe, if they were to become a reality. 

Jordan Brand

Retro 12 Low


All sizes of this shoe can be found here.

Could this shoe become a sleeper hit? That all depends on exactly how many pairs this GR contains.

Retro 8 


These? Still available in most sizes here in-store only.

The Others




This tasty treat is still available in most select sizes via Las Vegas’ Featured: Feature x Saucony Courageous ‘Belgian Waffle’ – Brown/Yellow


Gel Mai 


Gone from retail, MIA otherwise.


Here in most sizes, except the core women’s sizes 7-9, an indication that this style resonates closely with the female foot – logical, when you think about it.


Oh yeah…..


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