Resale Report: 3.11.17

You’ll never understand the relative lack of heat on offer for the weekend ending March 11th outside  the context of what the rest of March had in store.

With releases like Silver Surfer Foams, Atmos AM 1, Atmos x Jordan 3 Pack ,  Master AM 1, and the mouth-watering Kaws x Jordan 4 dropping for Nike/Jordan, plus adidas lifestyle silos like Kanye’s new Calabasas Power Phase due anytime now, the big Brands pumped their  brakes for the second week of March.

The weekend still featured some gems, though.

Nike released another hyper-limited Air Max OG – the Sport Blue – a shoe which would perform in similar fashion to its sibling from the 4th, plus the first ever Triple White Flyknit Racer – the Goddess colorway. In addition  to those were a trio of very snazzy, limited, college-themed colorways from the Hoops division.

Jordan Brand saw fit to power its own midweek debut of the AJ XXXI low behind the names of top Jordan Brand-sponsored D1 Basketball colleges via five logo-emblazoned colorways. On the weekend, it would widely-release a Hare-ish looking retro 6 – the Alternate.

Adidas basically sat the week out, dropping a trio of women’s Sambas, and restocking the Kith CS2 in wider global release – nothing else.

Outside of the big three, Puma dropped a few jewels in the Fenty Bow pack featuring two colorways – Pink and Olive – of the Fenty Bow (a laceless Blaze of Glory with a satin bow as fasteners), and those sexy slides (sans fur). The Big Cat Brand also dropped a well-received Coogi  Clyde in honor a particular rap legend.  New Balance, meanwhile,  dropped another Premium shoe, in collaboration with Concepts.


First things first:


Flyknit  Racer  

Most sizes of the Blue Glow FK Racer colorway  are still here.

  • The Air Max Jewell is right here.
  • The Sock Racer OG: Here


KD 9

It seems that certain bigfooters who hoop (and might overwhelmingly be from the state of  Texas)  bought these; most other buyers have passed for now.

Find the shoe right Here.

Hyperadapt 1.0


For a rare, groundbreaking shoe such as the above, it is telling that there’s been no mention of a celeb actually wearing a pair in the streets. Serena tried on the Goddess colorway, but otherwise it’s been strictly collectors scooping them up, at prices between $1500-$2000.

The Heat

Flyknit Racer


The Triple White  FK Racer is an interesting shoe, if viewed as an attempt by the Swoosh to steal away some of the shine from adidas’ highly successful Monochrome NMD. In fact it probably surprises people to see that it took Nike so long to drop such a basic look for one of its own highly-popular lifestyle silos.

Welp, Nike made sure to make the wait worth the while, dropping these in a semi-limited amount, which saw support at retail, and, predictably, got pegged at $200 cap at resale. Thr Triples have sold in moderate  amounts on eBay, and should continue do so after the handful of inevitable restocks for this  can’t miss colorway for warmer months. In many ways, this style, along with Air Force 1, and (sometimes) Foamposite, represents Nike’s most consistent performer in stores, due to ‘cult’ status, and its ‘perfect pricing’.


Kobe AD 



Quickly now: How many colorways of the Kobe A.D. can you, dear readers, name off the top of your heads?

Zero? Thought so.

Well, perhaps the ‘Oregon’ AD will be the first for many of you. After all, it was limited, sold out, and just might show up on-feet during this game.  Is it still possible for sporting event footwear to influence sneaker buyers these days?

No clue, but I do know that the resale for this Kobe colorway peaked at around $260, and adjusted quickly to its logical $200 comfort zone. Perhaps any Kobe signature fans should be hoping for the Ducks to soar high and far in the Big Dance.

Oh yeah.

Kyrie 3


Let’s face it:  The Kyrie line has regressed in  terms of relevance over the past two seasons. For whatever reason, the excitement for the shoes has gone; the Kyrie 1 already seems ready be retreoed in at least some of its more popular colors.

One tradition Nike has maintained throughout all three Kyrie silos   has been the annual ‘Duke’ colorway that debuted  as the Brotherhood on the Kyrie 1. In contrast to the silhouettes,  execution of that colorway concept – if is one honest about it – has definitely gotten progressively better with each additional pair.

So, it was a nice coup for Nike to have dropped the shoe on the same day that  Duke would ultimately triumph over UNC for the ACC title, a game  that, oddly enough, pitted a Nike school (Duke),  against a Jordan Brand school (and shoe): Carolina.

The Kyrie 3 Duker sold out and saw fairly light  action in the aftermarket, with a cap mostly well shy of the $200 mark. With interest in these quickly waning ( until the NCAA Tourney induces a resurrection?) Buyers should look for deals on this limited edition now; they’ll have little trouble finding pair $20-$30 over box.

Air Max 1 OG 




It was more of the same for this peek-a-boo drop. The shoe was hyper-limited, and is thus selling at Grail-level prices in the aftermarket: $400+. How I feel about that sort of marketing shenanigans from Nike has been already pointed out here.

Jordan Brand


Jordan XXXI

Perhaps years down the line, retro-craving  Jordan buyers will realize what they missed by dismissing the  Jordan signature styles that powered one of the best current players in the NBA to Star, All-Star, and finally MVP-caliber levels.

Maybe not,  but for the thinking sneakerhead, there’s always that question bouncing around one’s head: are those (insert latest Jordan signature here) really dope enough for cop in the face of everything else I could possibly buy?

We know that for last two Jordans XX9 and XXX, the answer was easy, if unfair : Hell no.

With the XXXI highs, one strongly suspects the same answer,  but the roll-out of the lows gives hope for a narrative shift to the positive for this silhouette.






In the aftermarket, the bulk of the sales volume was the Michigan and  UNC (duh, Pantone) colorways, with prices for both settling at around $250, and staying there.

The three other colorways saw tepid interest , with the G-Towns leading the pack at similar prices to the above in vary low numbers. The Marquettes and Cals were mostly MIA.

Does this action bode well for thr XXXI, or will the retro heat dropping in the immediate future cause these to go on resale clearance? Stay tuned…..



Because then one can watch the very long movie called “How Long Will it take until the Black Cat XXXI sells through?”.

Showtime is right now, at this location (be prepared to watch for a loooong time)


Retro 6 


On the night of Sunday 12th, I decided, on a whim,  to pay a visit to the new Foot Locker flagship in Times Square.

The purpose of the mission was to see whether the store had restocked the Woodland Camo AF 1 lows , a semi-limited, borderline Premium shoe, whose value was slowly appreciating, and could level-up to true Premium if it continues to see the support it has in the aftermarket.

The store didn’t have the shoe, but it did have the Retro 6s that had released the previous day. I decided to check them out.

The Alternate 6 is a nice shoe, and sports an intriguing detail: an entirely perforated upper that is only visible upon fairly close inspection.


The store associate declared that the store had only gotten around 300 pairs, and that they were selling, so I shouldn’t too long-delay a purchase. “Nice try,” I thought toy myself, “,but I happen to know from an earlier eBay check that regardless of how many pairs this store got, the release is….. a general release.”


The Listings above provide proof, as does the fact that a full size run is still available here.
JB’S growth strategy may upset some, but the fact is that with a bevy of timeless silhouettes it can reconstitute in endless colorways that will be remembered long after they eventually leaves stores, The Brand can afford to  play the long game and sell for the future, not just any given Saturday.

People will at some point in the near future want those 6s.




City Sock 2

When a limited collaborative package of sneakers releases for two consecutive weekends and performs almost exactly the same as it did for the first, what has just happened?

The flames of Hype have been fanned to a brighter burn, that’s what.

Because it is well established by now that Adidas is where the excitement lies in sneakers these days, the Three Stripes market the arena where the rapid-fire sales on eBay in the immediate aftermath of a near-instant retail sell-through act as Sneaker porn for those shopping, flipping, and even simply observing.


And so we view with awe the beauty that is a high volume of the globally-released NMD CS2 by Kith and Naked being sold-sold-sold on eBay at True Premium prices of between $250-$300, the volume split evenly betwixt the two colorways, Sand and Salmon.

But does that mean this silhouette has truly hit the mainstream?




Sambas are cool, yo. This pack of extra-cool Samberonis was ‘for the ladies’.

The Green pair is here.
The Red pair is here.

The White pair? Here.




Alright, so the very dope Atmos x T.T.T. tsunami Clydes are still sitting in damn near every size at Atmos, yet these Coogi Clyde’s sold out everywhere.


Because it paid homage to the Notorious B.I.G., and dropped on March 9th, thats why.


The $200 Premium Coogi Clydes have seen moderate support at resale to the tune of about $300 average. The Hip-Hop-Legend tie- in ensured there would be a market for the kicks, but this silo’s wheelhouse for even limited collabs is far closer $100 than $300. Buyers didn’t go too crazy for the Coogi.

Fenty Bow



These are still available in  both colors and many sizes here (Green Bow), and here (Pink Bow; not as many sizes).

The Bow Slides are, however, virtually sold out. As for aftermarket activity? Dude, if you’re flipping glorified shower shoes  you need to get you life in order.

New Balance


This ‘Flaming Homer’-esque 990v2 from Concepts colorway was a Store exclusive, sold, and has, predictably, seen scant action at resale, at prices barely $100  over that $220 box price.



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